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Friday, November 5, 2010

fill in the blank friday

YIPEE!!!  It's time for Fill in the Blank Friday!!! It has been an incredibly long week -- full of physical therapy, getting our rental house ready {our old renters moved out on Sunday and we have new renters moving in tomorrow}, bible babes study with my girlfriends, After I Do bible study with Dustin and a few other couples, lots of work and doing my best not to get sick!!  I am so ready for this weekend!!

Today's Fill in the Blank Friday is all about hair!!!  If you want to join in the fun, jump on over to The Little Things We Do!!!

1.  My last haircut was   in the beginning of September.  I tried out a new way of coloring hair called color melting, and I absolutely love the results!!  If you are looking for someone fabulous to take care of your beautiful locks... call Chris at Mane Attraction 602.956.2996    

2.  My most daring hair moment was   probably when I added bangs to my hair style.  It was {and is} so popular that I had to try it.  But in the end it just made me look younger than I am -- which if you know me, is not something I want.   

3.  A hairstyle I'd never be brave enough to try is   any really short haircut.  I love it on so many people -- but my face is so round {and I have big cheeks} that I think it would look like a disaster on me.      

4.  I've always dreamt of being a (blonde, brunette or red-head)   brunette.  i LOVE when my hair is dark... but Dustin doesn't.  The things we do for men  ;o)    

5.  My go-to hair do is   straight and down.  I pretty much just get out of the shower and let it air dry.  

6.  My biggest hair disaster was   when I went to a new hairstylist to get my hair cut and colored before being in two weddings.  I asked her to color it and just trim the bottoms.  The color was horrible... I looked like I had more roots than I did before I went in, she chopped of over six inches and gave me layers.  I cried for days over that!!       

7.  A hairsyle I am dying to try is   and am trying with great success is curling my hair.  My hair has never held curl until recently, and I love it!!  If only it would magically look this way when I wake up.  I hate spending extra time on my hair in the morning!!  

8.  My best hair day was   probably my bachelorette party!!  One of my girlfriends who is a hair stylist did my hair, and I absolutely adored it.  If I could have my hair look like that all the time, I probably would!!  

9.  The worst hairstyle I ever had was   probably the perm I had all throughout the 80's and early 90's.  I loved it at the time, but looking back it was so wrong.  I can still smell the chemicals.
10.  My hair is   very fine and very straight!!  I wish I had hair that I could go a few days without washing before I became one big grease ball.  

**If you want to see an update of all my hair styles -- check out my 30th birthday post with a picture of me at every year!!


  1. my worst was a perm too...not good


  2. thanks for checking out my blog! ya, the braided up do it gorgeous.. but impossible! i can't even french-braid, so i would have to get that one professionally done i think! haha